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Assessing requirements

Assessing project requirements

We work with key individuals in your organization to uncover all the requirements for your project. Drawing from our experience, we ask questions aimed at uncovering hidden requirements that will move the end result from ordinary to exceptional for both your visitors and your organization.

Detailing visitor experience

Detailing visitor experience

Based on your project requirements, we will work with you to detail the visitor experience to be presented by your site. Those elements that will guide your visitors and make the site intuitive are defined and page layouts are sketched.

Design requirements

Defining design requirements

A key to having a successful website development project is having complete specifications for all aspects of the design. We will work with you to define the specifications considering the array of devices that visitors might be using and the technologies demanded at the server which will be hosting your site. These specifications can become the foundation for the acceptance testing that you can conduct to verify that the developed website will provide that exceptional experience that you have envisioned as the plan was prepared.

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